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You can use SarkariResults trademarks and logos according to the trademark rules and regulations that we inform you. Please go through the following trademark rules to have a better idea:

The Appropriate & Inappropriate Uses of SarkariResult® Trademarks

  • Company or Service Name: You should not use or register SarkariResults or any other SarkariResult® trademark, including logos, icons, and graphic symbols, as a whole or part of your business name or service name.
  • Merchandise Items: You should not manufacture or sell merchandise items like coffee mugs or T-shirts bearing the make of SarkariResult® or any SarkariResult® trademark, including logos, graphic icons, or symbols as a means of associating your products with SarkariResult®, except pursuant to a specific written trademark license agreement from our company.
  • SarkariResult® Logo & SarkariResult®-Owned Graphic Symbols: You should not use the SarkariResult® logo or any SarkariResult® logo, icon, or graphic symbol in connection with websites, services, advertising/promotional material, or for any such purpose except under a specific written agreement with our company.
  • Disparaging Manner: You should not use the SarkariResult® trademark or other SarkariResult® logos, icons, or graphic symbols in a disparaging or untruthful manner.
  • Variations or Abbreviations: You should not use any obvious variation of the term SarkariResult® or any of the SarkariResult® trademarks or any phonetic equivalent, variation, or abbreviation for any commercial purpose. For instance: iSarkariResults, SarkarResults2, etc.
  • Sponsorship or Endorsement: You should not use the SarkariResults logo or icon in a way that would imply SarkariResult®’ alliance with or sponsorship, endorsement, or support of any other service.
  • Domain Name: You should not use an identical SarkariResult® trademark as a 2 nd -level domain name. For instance –
  • Taglines and Slogans: You should not use or copy a SarkariResults marketing tagline or slogan so that a user would confuse your services with ours.
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